My name is Ahiable Mawuli. I am 26 years old I joined Nunya Music Academy from the very beginning and that was February 2012. Now I am the Assistant School prefect (Boys). My main school is Dzodze-Penyi Senior High School(DZOSEC) and I am in my final year.

I joined Nunya Music Academy in order to accomplish my dream of becoming a successful Musician in reality. And I know I am at the right place to achieve this because of the things we are learning, that is reading and interpreting the musical score, playing musical instruments(both African and Western, dancing, singing and so on, even how to lead a disciplined life as a youth.

My major instrument is the Sousaphone but I also play the Tuba and Euphonium. I am also learning the Guitar.

In the future, I would like to be a musician with either the Ghana Airforce or the National Symphony Orchestra. Yes, Airforce because I usually see myself driving the aeroplane in my dreams. So If I become a musician and not a pilot, then I have to join the Airforce band.

My hobby is reading any musical score available to me. I am also a chorister in my church.

The difference with Nunya Music Academy is high discipline with whatever you are learning. As for discipline, no joke.

In 10 years’ time, I want Nunya Music academy to be a full school from Crèche to the University level so that all subject will be taught. It should be the best school in Ghana.