Amegble Christian

My name is Amegble Christian. I am 17 years old.I am the school prefect (Boys) at Nunya Music Academy, Dzodze. My main school is Dzodze R.C Demonstration Junior High School and I am now in Form 3.

I joined Nunya Music Academy from its beginning in 2012. I joined Nunya Music Academy because I wanted to learn music. I want to learn how to play the trumpet.

Nunya Music Academy is a very good school. We are learning a lot about Music like reading the score, playing all musical instruments, singing, dancing and other ones. We also learn how to do good things and behave well in life and also to be discipline children.

Now, how I see Nunya Music Academy is that it is good school. Now I can play the trumpet, I can play the side (snare) drum and the bass drum also, I can play the trombone. I can also play the recorder. I am also now learning the guitar and Alto Saxophone playing.

During my free times, I like reading songs and playing football.

What I want to get from Nunya Music Academy is that, I want to be a great and disciplined musician so that in the future I can use the knowledge I have to teach other people so that Dzodze and Ghana will grow in Music and also the people I will teach will be paying me and I will also get a lot of money.

In 10 years’ time, I want Nunya Music Academy to be a full school like we will have our own school compound  with a lot of classrooms so that more people can benefit from the school.  

I want to tell all my friends that they should tell their parents so that they can come and join Nunya Music Academy to learn great music and to be disciplined.