This course is designed for people who already have some experience in West African music (percussion, xylophone or singing) or dance or background in ethnomusicological studies. It is designed to help further participants’ musical understanding and skills while also delving deeper into the cultural, historical and performance context. While singing and other cultural aspects of the course are easily accessible to anyone, the rhythm, drumming, xylophone and dance components as well as the teaching pace could be a challenge for beginners.

-Percussion: Drumming, Xylophone and Rhythm: Intermediate to advanced skill levels advised. Beginners are welcome if they have keen interest and are interested in being challenged.

- Dance: Requires good energy and enthusiasm; previous experience with West African dance would be helpful but is not required.

-Singing: Accessible to all levels including beginners.


  • Anyone interested in African music, dance  and Indigenous Knowledge

  • Professionals and students in the fields of percussion, ethnomusicology and performance

  • Educators, e.g. music, dance and movement

  • Enthusiasts of world music drumming and dancing or African cultures


Enrollment is open to all worldwide. You do not need to be enrolled at any college or university to participate in this study program.

COURSE & HOUSING COST (All prices in US Dollars)

Tuition/Course Fee:             $995 per person

Room & Board (14 nights):    
Double Occupancy (2 to a room):    $840 per person
Single Occupancy (1 to a room):        $1,330 per person

TOTAL COST (Course Fee +Room & Board for two weeks)
Double Occupancy (2 to a room):     $1,835 per person
Single Occupancy (1 to a room)        $2,325 per person

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