TORVE Bernice

My name is Torve Bernice, the Girls’ Prefect of Nunya Music Academy. I am  18 years of age. My main school is Dzodze-Penyi Senior High School  (DZOSEC) and I’m in Form 1.

I joined Nunya Music Academy from the start in 2012. I joined the academy because I want to learn a lot about music, to know how to read musical notes and how to play a lot of musical instruments.

In NUNYA, they teach so many things including singing, drumming and dancing, how to play many instruments like trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, keyboard, French horn, both western and African traditional dance etc. We also learn how to read the music on the score and also music interpretation (analysis).

NYUNYA ACADEMY is a great place to learn Music. Even though my major instrument is the French horn, I can also play the trumpet, the recorder and the alto horn. And I am also learning the piano and Alto saxophone. I can also say I am a discipline girl because I am  NUNYA student because discipline is very important in Nunya Music Academy.

I want to tell people that if they any kids in their house that want to develop their muscal talent, they should bring them to NUNYA so that they learn proper music free of charge.

My dream is that, with the knowledge from NUNYA, I will join the Ghana Arm forces in the future as a musician so that I can play in their band.

In 10 years’ time, I want Nunya Music Academy to become one of the greatest schools in Ghana. The school should have its own classroom building with more instruments and more teachers because the students will be very many.

My hobbies are reading musical score and playing ampe.